ASODH is a recognized non-denominational, apolitical, public service NGO that has been active since 1996 in Africa and the Middle East.

For more than 20 years, ASODH has been involved with marginalized rural populations in great difficulty. The association has intervened over the years in Kurdistan, the DRC, Rwanda, Libya or Lebanon. Until 2014, it supported, through local associations, infrastructure projects (building, water and sanitation) and in recent years projects in the educational and social sector.


End of 2014, ASODH begins a reflection on the evolution of the association which will quickly lead it to refocus its activities on projects focused on human development. They are more in tune with its values, its ability to intervene and the very idea that this is the association of an aid registered in a process of stabilization and return to peace in the territories where it intervenes.


This refoundation is accompanied by a change of name of the association to remain consistent with the new orientation. SODERU (solidarity for rural development) becomes ASODH (solidarity action for human development).


ASODH is an NGO recognized as being of public utility, non-denominational and apolitical. It is empowered to issue tax receipts.


His operational team is composed by Marie-Cécile Desalbres (Presidente),

Franck Terdieu (coordinator) and Emmanuel Dupray (Logistics, Treasurer)

We promote social cohesion between communities as a way to build peace by relying on training, outreach, educational support as well as any action that improves communication between the communities living in the same territory and sharing their life and destiny.

Training, transfer of knowledge and exchanges are the boosters of social peace. Serge Soudoplatoff said “When a material good is shared, it is divided; when an immaterial good such as knowledge is shared, it multiplies”.
Furthermore, no assistance can have lasting and beneficial effects unless the local players and the populations that receive the assistance are fully and voluntarily involved.

We are operating in support of local associations that implement projects that we validated together. We provide the technical (training, outreach, strengthening the capacities…) and financial resources required to carry out the projects and to guarantee their sustainability.
We bring experts and partner associations as reinforcements or in addition to the projects in order to better satisfy the existing needs and ensure that our action has a stronger impact.

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